10 setembro 2008

Santa Maria...soon

Out on the corner With my roller skates
Having fun with the girls
Says i'm feeling great
In the dark of the night
Street lamps glowing
On full blast is my radio

Up comes this guy in his flashy car
In his mouth stuck a big cigar
Needed my help
Said he lost his way

"Roller Skates"- Steel Pulse

Good moods and roots. Roller skaters, "cigarette" boys; blondie guys; black sheeps. Everything and everybody... at Sal Island...

I'll be there... Will be there!

1 comentários:

gicas disse...

The black sheep will be there. She needs to feed her heart and sold with new visions…
To listen music, to listen the sound of new life, to bread the eyes of roots
To share her smile with you, with him, with them!
Maybe she will cry, laugh…and break her heart in to pieces!
But she will be there. To close the door and open her eyes to life.

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